How’dy All,

my name is Ralph and welcome to my blog.

Ralph Johnson

Despite my picture of me tucking into wholesome burger, fries and a cold beer, I do like to be healthy.

I do generally a healthy, exercise by walking, climbing, but nothing too strenuous, but also like spoiling myself with the finer things in life, such as eating out at my local hangout.

I just recently started this blog, was going to be more about health and healthy lifestyle stuff, but I’m probably gonna gear it towards acne treatments and cures, particularly the healthy kind, as this topic is quite close to my heart as I did suffer quite badly from acne, but as you can see, I’m all good now.

I’m not the greatest writer, so bear with me, but hopefully my posts will give you some thoughts and advice and help on taking the right action to be happy in this life of ours.

If you would like to have a chat with me, comment below any of the posts and I get back since I can, in between my weekly burger and fries and beer.

All the best, until now.

Ralph Johnson